Earthwise 60120 20Inch 24Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower


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  1. Too many books, not enough time

    Best mower ever
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    Not only is this the best rechargeable electric mower I’ve ever used, it is the best mower of any kind I’ve ever used.

    It is quiet and starts the first time, every time, unlike gas mowers.

    It is easy to push.

    The mulching feature works well- I’ve never used the bag, so I can’t comment on it.

    It is well designed and made, with some exceptions.

    The deck and handle are sturdy steel.

    The single-touch height adjustment works well.

    One of the few negatives- the “throttle” is plastic, and feels flimsy. However, I’ve had no trouble with it.

    Now for the important part- the power.

    It works as well as any 3.5HP gas mower I’ve used.

    I’ve cut 2 foot high clumps of grass with it. I had to slow down, but it went right through them without stalling or bogging.

    For me, the amazing thing is the battery life.

    The first time I used it with a full charge, it mowed through everything I wanted to mow, including the 2′ clumps I mentioned, in 15 minutes.

    It still showed a full charge!

    So I mowed for another 15 minutes.

    Still showing full charge.

    I mowed more- a path 6′ wide by 300′ or so, for another 15 minutes before it started slowing down.

    45 minutes of HARD work (I don’t mow often) on a charge!

    Of course, I’m sure that this will decline as the battery ages.

    The biggest negative I’ve found is the charger.

    It isn’t automatic, so it must be disconnected when it indicates that the battery is fully charged.

    The battery must be charged once a month or so, or it will deteriorate.

    All of this calls for more attention than it should.

    But overall, I don’t think I could much happier with my purchase.

    It makes me hate mowing a lot less…

  2. Dennis A. Pratt

    Earthwise Not Very Wise At All!
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    Was initially impressed with this lawnmower. First three times I used it, everything went great. Cut the grass reasonably well, and the battery re-charged as advertised. Not anymore. Battery will not re-charge, and EarthWise Customer support doesn’t particularly care. Called them, told them the problem I had and they promised to send me an invoice or something so that I could take it to a repair shop as it was still under warranty. Three weeks later, no invoice. Getting through to customer support is a bear. They do everything possible to keep you from actually talking to anyone who will offer any help. Round and round, transferred to this number, then to another number, then back to the first number. Be warned! If you want a reliable product this isn’t it. If you want good customer service, they don’t have it.

  3. R. G. Nickerson

    Earthwise Cordless elec. Lawn Mower
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    ASIN:B001DZJYJO Earthwise 60120 20-Inch 24-Volt Cordless Electric Lawn Mower.

    Well built, long-life battery holds charge through entire mowing cycle, charges quickly

    and easily maneuvered around shrubs and borders. Reasonable priced with especially handy

    heighth setting. Very effective even in wet or damp lawns.

  4. SaintRoch

    Half Acre on one charge!
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    I bought an Earthwise electric mower in desperation of finding a reasonably priced reasonably intelligent person to do my yard. I have an acre in Louisiana where you can watch the grass grow after a rain (really!!). I love this lawnmower. I have fibromyalgia and have no strength in my wrists/shoulders and could never get a gas mower started. This starts right up, no pulling strings and jerking your shoulders out of place. No oil getting into the gas, no mess..fabulous.

    If the grass is very high and thick (as it does get here), this mower will have a bit of struggle going through it and the charge will diminish accordingly but all in all I can do a 1/2 acre on one charge. So I can do my backyard one day and the front/side the next day, recharging overnight. Not a big deal. It is a bit heavy but I can push it without struggling – again not the machine for a yard that’s been neglected and overgrown but if you are keeping up with your grass, it will do fine and will be easy and clean to use. Basically I’m quite happy with it. Days of knee-high weeds and/or expensive indiscriminate grass-men (who run over my medicinal herbs!) is over!! That’s worth the price right there.

  5. Lisa A. Smith

    Great so far!
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    We researched electric lawnmowers online before deciding to buy the Earthwise cordless. At first we were going to go for the corded model, but we are on a corner lot, with too many trees and flower beds to work around with a cord. I think we made the right decision!

    First off, it’s early days yet, and we’ve only used the mower twice but it’s been great so far. We’ve used it in mulching mode, and it seems to do a good job of chopping everything up.

    My recommendation to anyone buying one would be to read the instruction manual before you do anything – including taking the mower out of the box! It’s easier to take the mower out if you first remove the battery pack, but it’s not too obvious how you do that, which is where the manual comes in.

    I was concerned that the charger is a a “dumb” charger – so if you leave it connected for a long period, it’s possible to damage the battery pack by overcharging it. The charger does have a green LED that comes on to indicate that the battery is fully charged, however, so it seems fine to me.

    Out of the box, it took 14 hours of charging before the green LED came on.

    I mowed our yards at 06:00 in the morning, in semi-darkness, in order to avoid the LA heat – and the mower is quiet enough that it won’t be a problem waking the neighbors. In fact mowing at that time with the LED’s on the mower glowing, and the mower sounding like a large hair dryer, it felt quite spacey! No mess, no smell, of course, and it feels good not to be causing air pollution. Bear in mind that doing the yards with one badly adjusted gas mower can put out as much pollution as a regular car driving hundreds of miles!

    It took me about 45 minutes to do our yards, and there were still 3 green LED’s showing on the mower. The battery then took just 7 hours of charging before the green LED on the charger came on – so it seems to have plenty of capacity for our purposes. Realistically, I think you might get an hour of use between charges, since you wouldn’t want to completely discharge the battery pack.

    I have no worries about having to charge the battery every month during the Winter – we’ll keep the battery pack and charger in the house, and will probably buy a cheap timer to preclude the possibility of us forgetting to disconnect the charger to prevent overcharging.

    I’d read some reviews that said a wheel had fallen off – so I pulled off all the plastic hub caps and checked that all the split pins were secure – which they were. I think the obvious cause of a wheel coming off would be a split pin that hadn’t been bent over, so maybe it’s something worth checking.

    Another review claimed that the wheels are attached to a piece of plastic only an eighth of an inch thick. Well that’s certainly not the case on our unit – everything is metal, and looks up to the job. The wheels run on stout 1/2″ steel stub axles, which are welded to 3/16″ steel arms, which in turn are connected by 7/16″ steel rods.

    The single lever used to change the cutting height works really smoothly.

    The mower feels a little bit heavier than the 22″ gas mower it replaced, but it rolls better on the ball-bearing wheels than the old gas mower did. It actually weighs 87lbs, of which the battery pack is 32lbs. Fortunately, our yards are pretty flat.

  6. Earthdog

    4 months of use
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    Have used this mower 3-4 times a month for ~ 4 months. Ease of use is good. Mower mows OK; however, it will bog down in Bermuda grass. Charger works fine. Only real problem has been the rear safety flap going under the mower when pulling backwards. Flap needs to be re-designed.

  7. earthnfire78

    Who says gas is better?
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    1) Reason for getting lawn mower

    With everything happening in the news as fare as over 90 million gallons of oil spilled in the Gulf of Mexico. The only way to drive home the idea of getting off oil is to starting with the home. Going with cleaner lawn care alternative was the only clear choice, plus a powerful need to save money in the long run. Anything that using gas as or for power wears down quickly due to; heat, carbon and oil sludge. Over time this causing cost of maintaining to rise from 150 dollars per year, to over 300 after five years. Based on Reviews both good and bad, this was one of the few lawn mowers; either gas or electric that had very favorable reviews. The common bad review’s had to do with batter issues, which can be overcome easily by getting a smart charger.

    2) Inspecting lawn mower

    Heavy, about 30Lbs heavier due to the batters (this is okay I could us a work out anyways). Build, with a combo of both steel and high impact ABS plastic, (wish the plastic was recycled, or planet based and not oil); things look good.

    3) Using lawn mower

    Adjusting the height, easy to do with the single level height adjustment (wondering why more are not going with this type of height adjustment). Mowing the lawn and right off the bat notice it is a lot quieter then stander gas powered mower. Bagged beautifully even with the grass damp from the rain the day before. Used that bagging because the grass was a little tale after not be mowed for over three weeks. The next week used the mulching plug and did a great job but; the mulching plug does not fit tightly in the shot, so grass did get stuck in it.

    4) Maintenance tips

    Going overboard to keep it looking new even after years of use, well keep your neighbors thinking you get a new lawn mower every year. First use Black Magic BM48016 Wet Shine Liquid Wax. Apply it to every metal and plastic part on the mower, including the blade. After that buff it to a shine and wait for an half an hour, then apply vegetable oil over the waxed area. Don’t forget the underside of the chassis: the wax vegetable oil combo helps to keep grass from sticking to it, which help to make it easy to clean. For the blade I recommend taking the blade to a repair shop once a year to have it sharpen, you will need a torque wench to take the blade of. Best time to do this is when you put the mower away for the winter. According to the owner’s manual the charger unit is not a smart charger, so keep that in mind. While there is no minimum to charging time, there is a max of twenty four hours. Whatever you do not leave on even one minute long then twenty four, because this well damage the batters, and believe me you will notice the change. If you know that you are not going to remember to unplug the mower from the charger in a timely manner, then there is something you came do. Getting a smart charger or batter maintainer, Is a great idea and I highly recommend one for two reasons. One; you can plug it in and forget it and not have to worry about the batter overcharging. Two; it will help to maximize that life of the batters by maintaining a full charger in-between uses. You can get one for 40 – 200 dollars, and they all pretty much do the same thing. You will also need an RCA wall plate. You will have to take the top of the batter cover off, in order to make sure that you wire the polarity right.

    5) Pros

    a) Single level height adjustment.

    b) Batter stays charged for up to 2 ½ hour of use.

    c) Ball bearing wheels.

    d) Cheaper Maintenance cost over the long run.

    e) No poll cord to have to start it.

    f) Does not look like a cartoon mower you see on the Jettison’s .

    g) Will reduce your Carbon Foot Print.

    6) Cons

    a) Heavier then stander gas mower.

    b) Handle uncomfortable for small hands, [Homelite band only].

    c) Mulching plug does not fit tightly in the shot.

    d) Charger not a batter maintainer or smart charger.

    e) Pricy.

    7) Bottom Line

    Bottom line is if you have a small yard, say 1/4 to 1/2 acres then this would be a great lawnmower to have. It will save you money, it does a great job in mowing the grass, and is easier to use. Not to mention that your neighbors will envy you and want one too.

    Update: An ultimate test for any lawnmower is its ability to take down 18″ – 24″ tall grass and weeds. No it was not my lawn that was that tall, it was what in the alleyway; just happen to forget about that area. This lawn mower did it with no problem at all, if there was any doubt in my mind about this mower: there is non any more.

    Update2: Setup the Soneil 2404S Smart Charger as the changer for the lawnmower which cost $55.04 with S&H. Took the plug off the changer the came with the mower and wired it on the inside of the Soneil charger, did this to give it a clean looking setup. Charging time with the charger takes no longer then 1 1/2 to 2 hour’s with the batter’s at 75%, plus I can leave it plugged in to the changer and not have to worry about overcharging the batter’s.

    Here is the link for the charger.

  8. W. Hein

    Good for small lawns
    Rating:3 out of 5 stars
    I have had this mower now for 11 months. When the battery has a fresh charge the mower has good power (about the same as a 2.5 hp gas mower). Unfortunately as the battery weakens so does the power of the mower. I live in South Florida and in the summer I have to mower my lawn every 4 to 5 days. With this mower I have to mow the front one day and the back a other. I live on a 1/4 acer lot that my house takes up about 1/3. Knowing what I know now, this mower is great if you have less then 3,000 sq ft to mow. But if you have a full sized yard, you may want to think twice. I like the mower, but wish I had gotten a gas mower.

  9. m tracy

    Love story gone horribly wrong
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    When I first got my lawnmower I did not experience any of the problems that some others have mentioned. The mower is very heavy but worth pushing to save the planet. I liked the fact that the mower is so much quieter than a gas mower. Still loud and no where near as quiet as my neighbors Newton mower. Several months into my mowing experience I had my first problem, the charger melted overnight as it was charging the battery. I called the company and after a half an hour of waiting got someone to send out a new charger. No further problems till this year when my mower stopped functioning for no apparent reason about 1/10th of the way into mowing the lawn. I called the number given for the warrenty. Thirty minutes of waiting rewarded me with a number of a near by shop to have the mower serviced. Only problem, the shop refused to work on it. 30 more minutes on the phone another shop that would not service the mower. Finally got some 45 minutes from the house agreed to work on the mower. Called the fix it guy later in the week and he had some very choice words for this company. Looks like I’ll be driving to the next state if anything else goes wrong. The fix it guy tells me the company will not send him the part and is giving him the run around. He tells me he will fix the mower with a part from another motor he has and then will try to keep after the company to get the part replaced on his extra motor. He needs to get paid though and so I have to fork over $35 for work that should have been covered under the warrenty. I could wait to see if he can convince the company to send the part or take the mower back but the company doesn’t have a part number of the part that is broken so it can’t be broken cause it doesn’t exist. With the lawn now a full 12 inches and an embarrassed wife, I chose to part with the cash to expedite things. I have glossed over the pain and aggravation this company has caused me and so many others. I can not stress how terrible of a company they are. I am thinking of calling my states attorney general to file a complaint. Do not under any circumstance purchase this product. All the positive reviews are from people who have not owned this mower over a year.

  10. Chris Wells

    A fantastic lawn mower
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    I bought this mower hoping that it would do a good enough job on my small lawn. I’ve been more than pleasantly surprised! It came boxed in such a way that it was very well protected for shipment, yet easy to get out without a big mess. The only thing that had to be put together was the handle. Two bolts was all it took to get it ready to go, as well as letting it charge for 24 hours. The next day, I took it off charge and mowed both my front and back lawn. Neither one is very large, and together they are just about what I would call an average “city lawn”. This mower weighs in at about 100 pounds, but it is no harder to push around than a comparably sized gas mower. It is much louder, and more powerful than I thought it would be. I had no problem mowing down my lawn, which had gotten higher than I normally keep it waiting on this to arrive. My grass was about 5 or 6 inches in length and quite thick. Cleanup was easy and I have since mowed my complete lawn three more times for a total of 4 times and have yet had to re-charge the battery!

    I’m very happy with this purchase, and highly recommend this mower to anyone!

  11. Albert J Patrick

    Great mower
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    Delivery on time. Easy to put together. Runs great. My lawn is about 1,500 sq.ft.

    I have mowed it three times on the first charge. It works very well and it is not nearly as loud as my gas mower and it doesn’t stink.

  12. Don C. Fitzsimons

    solid construction: Okay cut: Battery OK.
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    This review I submit on 6/17/2010 is for the Earthwise product I bought on 7/2009. Specifically, I waited this long to address often reported problem of unchargable batteries after winter storage.

    I kept my battery and recharging station indoors, faithfully following the maufacturer’s instructions. I had no problem at all with the battery this spring.

    The construction materials and assembly are superior. The one-handled height adjustment works smoothly and easily. I’ve told one of my co-workers about this and he might consider purchasing the Earthwise on the basis of this feature. Although I set previous mowers at their highest setting, the height of the Earthwise exceeds them and I now use a medium and sometimes low setting.

    At the time I ordered the Earthwise, Amazon reviews had different opinions about the mass of the mower. Without the battery, the Earthwise is no heavier than any other mower. With the battery, the shipping weight is 72 pounds. Obviously, inclines require some effort: Flat terrains mow easily.

    Now, does this mower do what it is supposed to do? Alas, the actual cut is only good. I suspect that the blade, designed for a mulcher attachment, sets up a turbulance pushing grass down at times. My previous $119 mower made a superior, excellent cut.

    Nevertheless, I’m not that picky and I like the convenience of no longer dealing with oil, gasoline, filters and the wretchedly designed modern B & S engine.

  13. A. Solomon

    I can mow about 1/4 of my lawn at a time
    Rating:2 out of 5 stars
    I don’t know if there is something wrong with my mower, but I can only mow about 1/4 of my lawn at a time. My yard isn’t all that big (about .15 of an acre), so I think the battery should be able to last through the whole job- but it can’t. It is very slow to charge as well, so it takes me several days to mow the lawn. Apparently the mower must be charged once a month to maintain battery strength- good luck trying to remember to do that during the winter.

    It is heavier than a regular mower, but I don’t find that to be a problem. The handle you hold down to turn the mower on is flimsy plastic- I wonder how long that will last. I do like that I don’t have to deal with stinky gas fumes when I mow. I don’t think I would purchase this mower again.


    Earthwise 60120 Far from perfect
    Rating:2 out of 5 stars
    First of all, this unit is HEAVY!! -My lawn is small, but, this mower gives me more of a workout than I’m looking for. After using the mower only 6-8 times, one of the wheels fell off!! Also, it cut up the rubber safety flap when going backwards.

    Poor design/construction.

  15. T. Regan

    LOVE this mower!!
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    I decided to buy an electric mower after another spring of fighting with my gas powered one. I was so tired of the pull cord and messing with oil and gas! So, after a lot of research, and the fact that this mower rated 4 stars out of 131 reviews, I decided to try it, and so far, I have yet to be disappointed. I have a small yard and it has worked out wonderfully. It cuts both grass and weeds with ease, and the battery stays sufficiently charged–I have done two mowings on one battery charge, so far. It does struggle a little bit on wet grass, but after I adjusted my height setting, it was fine. Everything with this mower is easy–putting it together, starting it, charging it, pushing it, adjusting the height…everything!! It mulches like a dream, cutting pieces into teeny tiny ones. My only complaint is that the top of the bag is fairly small, so dumping your grass (if you don’t mulch) was a wee bit of a pain. Didn’t just dump like my old mower bag, had to pull the grass out with my hand to assist the emptying process because the grass kept clogging the opening. Other than that, I am so pleased with this purchase! I would recommend this mower to everyone!

  16. M. Koelemay

    Great mower
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    When I bought a house a little over a year ago I was given an old lawn mower for free (Craftsman 6.5HP mulcher). After sinking about $100 to keep it running, and then having it die again, I gave it away and bought this one.

    After 6 or 7 mowings, I can say I’m pretty happy with this mower. Despite the branding of “Earthwise” the mower is actually made by American Lawn Mower Company who have been around for over 100 years; because of this, it is obvious that the mower has the quality and sound construction you would expect of any mower, and it feels very well built (I actually looked this up after being surprised by the quality, I guess I had low expectations).

    I can mow my entire yard (1/2 acre lot) on a single charge using the mulching attachment as long as I don’t let the grass get too long. When it gets long, it bogs down the mower a little requiring more power to mulch the grass and “runs dry” about 3/4 of the way through. The solution is just to use the side shoot attachment (or bag) instead of mulching (only when it’s too long). I also bought a second battery knowing that I would have to buy one eventually and this way I can just swap it out anytime and keep going (by the way, it is very easy to swap the battery).

    The mower doesn’t have as much ‘suction’ as my previous mower but I expected that it wouldn’t quite have the same power as a 6.5HP gas mower. So, when the grass is too long and I try to mulch it, it misses some blades of grass which doesn’t bother me at all.

    Best of all: No gas, no oil, no spark plug, no air filter, no “winterizing”, no smelling like a lawn mower. Just plug it in and breathe the fresh air.

  17. Andrew Packel

    Some pros but bad cons!!
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    I’ve had this mower for OVER a year (see below!) and it’s been a like-hate relationship. I started this review with 3 stars shortly after I got the mower, but read further and see why I am at 1-star now, and definitely would not recommend.

    PROS: Appeared sturdy and well-built to me, although repeated problem with handle breaking (see below) seems to be a considerable design flaw. Cuts my 1/3 acre in one charge, as long as it’s not too overgrown. 1-lever adjustment for height of all 4 wheels is handy and works well. Mulching works well for me. I make sure not too cut too much off at once, but I don’t get any big clumps. It’s considerably quieter, although still generates a fair amount of noise. I was hoping I might feel comfortable getting out and mowing at 7 am sometimes in my suburb, but it’s not quiet enough for that. Overall, in terms of pure functionality, I would probably give the mower ~4 stars, but see the issues below.

    CONS: As someone else mentioned, by pulling the mower in reverse briefly it shredded a flap in the back. This doesn’t seem to affect the functionally much, but is a very poor design. The manual indicates the need to charge the mower at least every month. This meant that I can’t store it in the shed (with no power), even over the winter. This is a pain in the butt, but manageable (for me). I also had to remember to charge it every few weeks at least over the winter. The unit is heavy! This makes it a little tough to manage, especially for my wife, and especially on hilly areas. The first time my wife took the unit out this season, the metal broke on the handle! It just ripped right above where the handle attaches to the base. I checked on-line and found the local authorized service facility. I called, and they were very nice, but he sounded a little skeptical about being covered by warranty, and said I would need to bring the unit in to see about it. Between the place’s 8:30-5 weekday only hours, his skepticism at warranty coverage, and finding that I could order a new handle on-line for ~$8 + $8 shipping, I just ordered the new handle myself. It came within 3 days, and I popped it on. After getting the handle fixed, I mowed my lawn 2 times this season, then the mower stopped working (!). Specifically, all of a sudden, the battery would not charge anymore. Literally, I would plug it in overnight or longer, and it would run for ~1-2 minutes. I made it in to the service center, and just talked to me. He informed me that the battery warranty is only a year, and I bought the unit last March, so it was out of warranty, so I would need to pay $100 for a new battery!! I have a serious problem with a battery only lasting one season and then needing to be replaced!! I will contact the company to discuss, and then post the update here when I see what they say.

    UPDATE: 4 weeks (of mowing season!) later: An email to the company regarding the battery issue, and they sent an email back saying that since it was close to the year and they wouldn’t expect such battery problems, so they would honor the warranty. Sounds like good customer service. However, now I am still waiting for the battery! The service center (who is my local authorized center affiliated with the company, and I am therefore required to deal with) has been telling me that they are unable to get the battery from the company. When they were expecting me to pay cash, I was told the battery shouldn’t be a problem, and it usually took a few days. Huh. I have emailed the company back to try to determine if this is correct information, or the dealer is really just horrible, but it’s difficult for me to determine right now. Overall, I’d say having to deal with this kind of mess when some service is needed would further steer me away from buying the product.

    UPDATE: 3 months later (August 2010) Shortly after going back and forth between the repair center and more e-mails to the company, the battery came in and I got the mower back without any costs (other than time and aggravation!) The battery seems to be fine since then. HOWEVER, I mowed the lawn two times (without trouble), then the new handle (use a total of ~8-10 times!) broke again, exactly as the previous one had broken. Again, my lawn is not considerably hilly, and I see no reason that the handle should break again. Aaarggh!!! I ordered two handles online (I’m certain it will continue to break), but that was one week ago and for some reason the status is still “not shipped” even though the item was listed as “in stock”. My grass continues to grow. I sent a quick email back to the company indicating my further frustration and dissatisfaction, and got a response indicating that the handle should be covered by warranty, although I’m convinced that this would require more time and aggravation dealing with the repair center and the company.

    Final recommendation: STAY AWAY FROM THIS PRODUCT AND THIS COMPANY!!! There’s just too much aggravation and lack of responsiveness and lack of care surrounding issues with an inferior product.

  18. kd8cgo

    Very good electric mower
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    I have the Homelite branded version of this mower from a local retailer. We mow approximately 10,340 sq ft of lawn with this mower on a bi-weekly basis. This equates to a lot size of 0.272 acres (80ft by 148ft), minus space occupied by the dwelling unit. This is within the limits of the mower to accomplish on a single charge – however one cutting so far we had waited over 4 weeks to cut due to rain, and the grass was also still lightly wet in the shaded regions of the yard – this proved to be too much for the mower on a single charge, but should not be a regular occurrence.

    [Battery Thoughts]

    The mower is powered by a lead acid battery. Lead acid batteries suffer from several shortcomings, but with their obvious advantage being price over newer technologies, like NiMH (nickel metal hydride) or any Lithium variant (LiIon, LiPo, LiFePO4, etc) it is no wonder why the manufacturer has chosen this type. Some of their disadvantages can be overcome by user habits. Discharging the mower below 50% DoD (depth of discharge) will shorten the life of the battery noticeably, this is common to all lead acid battery types. The ideal situation would be to not discharge the battery no more than 20% per use for the longest life, but this will be impractical for most consumers. With a 10,000 sq ft. yard approaching the practical limit of the mower in good conditions, It would be advisable to split the mowing up into two days where a full charge could take place in the meantime, or to use two battery units, which obviously adds to the purchase price. A single “city lot”, which would be between 4000-6000 sq ft. of mow-able yard, seems to be what this mower was engineered for. Good charging habits and inspecting the float voltage of your charger would let you prevent overcharging, the advice given to not leave the batteries on charge 24/7 is sound advice, within reason. When appropriately float charged, lead acid batteries are prevented from sulfating, which leads to the longest possible service life. When sealed lead acid batteries are float charged for extended periods, even at a marginally too high voltage, the electrolyte solution can “dry out”- extreme overcharging will form bubbles in the electrolyte of a gel based cell, which permanently reduces the surface area of the anode and cathode materials in the battery, for a permanent reduction in capacity. Proper float charging must also be temperature compensated for long battery life. Occasional use during the off season will also prevent lead dendrite formation in the cells, which can lead to shorted cells and a decrease in battery life. At a minimum, you should consider owning a digital multimeter to perform basic diagnostics on any electric equipment you may own.

    The possibility exists with availability of consumer purchasable goods, to upgrade the battery unit of this mower to a newer technology battery, the most attractive would be LiFePo4. You can buy the cells and assemble them inside the existing battery housing, add balancer boards and a custom charger, all of which can be found on the Internet, for decreased weight and much improved battery performance – this is what I plan to do once the OEM battery’s useful life has been surpassed. In fact, it would be easy for the manufacturer to offer drop in battery and charger replacements for these mowers, I have never seen a manufacturer of any cordless electronic product that had this much forethought or customer-focused product design to do so – if anything most companies would be more than happy to revise the entire product by changing the color scheme and making the batteries (just barely) incompatible with previous models to sell more new units.

    [Mower Capability]

    The mower is very capable of mowing a yard of this size, and does bog down in the thicker or wet grasses, and so have its gasoline counterparts I have used in the past. The mower is heavier than the lightweight non self propelled gasoline units I have used, my wife of < 110 lbs. would not be comfortable or possibly even able to safely guide this up and down some of the steeper banks of our yard, some of which exceed 45 degree slope angle. Lowering the handle to its lowest position helped her not struggle pushing the mower around, and also helped keep me from bending the handle as I push it up and down the larger hills.

    It can be hard to determine if an electric cordless will meet your needs, in part due to the length or time that a single recharge can take – ideally you do not want this factor to get in your way for household chores. This is why I have included as much specific detail as to the size of my yard and my mowing habits to give you a picture of what this unit can be expected to do; keep in mind this is with a new mower and a new battery – allow yourself some headroom in your purchase decision, or in your mowing habits, it will make you a much happier user of this product.

    You are likely looking at electric products because they have a green appeal, lower emissions, and less maintenance associated with them. Everyone should be considering these options, and using them instead of more traditional gasoline products, when they meet your needs. As time goes on, this product and those like it will become more capable, so if they cannot meet your needs today, you should still keep them on your list for the next purchase. The overall environmental impact of electric products is far better when used properly, keeping in mind things like battery recycling, etc. If you have taken the steps to switch, or begin to switch, to alternative energy for your home, these are even more attractive to consider. At least you will be able to mow your grass as the world come crumbling down around you with $20 per gallon gasoline and $1 per kWh electric prices from fossil fuelled power plants!

    [Build Quality]

    This mower has met my expectations so far for its quality of construction. A steel deck is a big plus, and its torsional rigidity seems more than adequate. The wheels are injection molded plastic, which so far has not been a problem – most mowers these days use plastic wheels to save weight and expense. The plastic engagement lever was mentioned by a previous review as fragile, I have not had problems with it, but it is one of the few areas of the mower I would keep a mind on treating well to avoid breakage. Mowers are simple machines, so failure points tend to be far and few between when not abused or used beyond their capability. Anyone with average mechanical skill would be able to fully service and perform any necessary repairs on this mower.

    Some of the greatest dormant features of an electric mower is the reduced noise and ability to instantly stop and start the mower blades at will. It is great to just let go of the handle, stop the mower and go pick up branches and debris before mowing a section of the yard. Starting back up is equally as easy, something that cannot be said for any gasoline mower that has not had is safety mechanisms defeated, which seems to be a common occurrence. This mower, while not silent, is far less annoying when someone is mowing right next to an open window on the house, than the neighbors gasoline unit, over 100 ft away across the street. Your neighbors and your own ears will thank you for this. I can hear gasoline mowers running in my living room with the door open that are being operated over a street away, this is most certainly not the case for anyone with an electric.

    I rate this product a 5/5 stars based on what is available in the marketplace today.

  19. jkternes

    Flimsy construction, dying batteries
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    This mower worked fine for a 1/2 season of mowing.

    After 1/2-season of mowing, one of the (plastic!) rear wheels collapsed. I replaced that and then the rear axle on the other side snapped off later the same day! It took several months to get a replacement rear axle. The overall quality of materials and construction is poor. The metal deck is suspiciously thin and I would not be surprised to have an axle snap again. I do not expect this mower to last more than 3 or 4 seasons of regular use.

    The batteries are the worst part. I have two batteries. When new, a battery would mow about 1/4 acre. I am halfway into the second season and one of the batteries will not hold a full charge (only two green lights come on) and the yellow indicator light comes on after just a few passes. The other battery is holding a full charge but does not seem to do a full 1/4 acre any more.

    I do not expect batteries to last forever but I would expect them to last more than one year. I usually remember to remove the charger after 24 hours but it does not always happen. The lack of a smart charger is another indication of the poor quality of this product.

    Can I say anything good about this mower? Certainly. The height adjustment is very easy. And when the battery is charged, it does a great job of mulching.

  20. jwdant

    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    works good, could be better if it was self propelled. easy to put to use and arrived on time. will purchase similiar items

  21. Y. R. Wu

    Comparison chart and FAQ…
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    I’ve used three different cordless mowers, but not this one. I Have the 20″ Toro with 36 volts which works very well and a 19″/24V B&D, which I found to be adequate 80% of the time – with only 24V it struggled with tall grass. On paper the Earthwise looks pretty good on features but may fall short in power

    I’ve put a quick guide of the most popular models on Amazon. All info reported by manufacturer. Amazon won’t let me put prices in my review, sorry!


    Neuton CE5.3…………14″/24V/240……48#….Plastic deck, Removable batt.

    B&D CM1836…………..18″/36V/NA…….64#….Plastic deck

    Greenworks 25092……18″/24V/480……95#….Self Propel, Removable Batt

    Worx ECO WG780…….19″/24V/408……80#….Removable Battery

    Haussmann CLM46NU…19″/24V/NA……..94#….Haussmann who?? Metal deck

    B&D CMM1200………….19″/24V/432……76#….Update to our old CM1000

    B&D CM1936……………19″/36V/360…….72#….Plastic deck, Removable Batt

    Neuton CE6…………….19″/36V/360…….88#….Plastic deck, Removable Batt

    Earthwise 60120……….20″/24V/480……92#….Metal deck, Removable Batt

    Toro 20360……………..20″/36V/432……77#….Metal deck

    Solaris/Epic EP21H……..21″/24V/NA……106#….Rmvble batt, self propel, steel

    >>Why SHOULD I get a cordless electric mower? They are super quiet, clean, and convenient. No fumes or exhaust- because gas mowers don’t have catalytic converters, they can pollute as much in a year as 43 cars!!!!. They aren’t necessarily cheaper than a gas mower since they cost more up front but there is basically NO maintenance. (We spent $80 over 10 years for a set of replacement batteries.) Corded electric mowers are a cheaper but having a cord is a pain.

    >>Why SHOULDN’T I get a cordless mower? They weigh a LOT more than gas mowers so if you have a hilly lot or have difficulty with physical exertion, forget it. They don’t have as much power as gas and re-fueling means charging for a few hours so if your lot is over ½ acre you may want to reconsider.

    >>Why do they all come with mulching PLUS bagging? Electric powered mowers have come a long ways but mulching still takes a LOT more power than discharging, so bagging is pretty much a standard feature.

    >>What is a watt-hour? It’s basically how big your gas tank is – the more watt-hours, the longer you can mow before you have to recharge.

    >>Is the cutting path a big deal? Yes – for two reasons. 1) The first thing manufacturers do when power is marginal is reduce the blade size, so I tend to see the smaller mowers as more likely to be underpowered. Second, when you consider that you have to overlap each pass by ~3″, a 20″ blade now effectively cuts 13% more on each pass. If you have a larger yard, you definitely do NOT want anything under 18″ Also, my measurements show most mowers overstate their blade size by 1/2″ (Our 20″ measures 19-5/8, our 19 measures 18-1/2)

    >>Why might I want a removable battery? If you have a large yard, this means you can have a second battery charging while you are using the first. A second battery typically costs $100-$150 but it can make the difference between going electric or not. Finally, if you keep the mower in a shed that doesn’t have power, a removable battery will let you bring it in for charging.

    >>How long will my batteries last? That depends on your climate and usage. We had a small lot for many years and were religious about recharging right after use. We also live in a cooler climate (Michigan) so it’s cooler and the mowing season is shorter. Our batteries lasted ~7 years. Most people should get 3-4 years easily but if you’re careless and live in Arizona, you might be able to kill the batteries in a year or two.

    >>Why should I care about higher voltage? Higher voltage = more power, PLUS you can recharge the mower faster. With the same chemistry and current, a 36V mower will charge 50% faster than a 24V mower.

    >>Metal deck or plastic? Metal rusts but with minimal care it’s not an issue. Plastic ends up giving you a more stuff to trim since you can’t cut as close to fences, etc.

    If you’ve found this review helpful or have questions/comments, please let me know!

  22. Captain Solar

    Good INITIAL quality, but then…
    Rating:2 out of 5 stars
    This is the third cordless electric mower I have owned. The first was a wonderful Ryobi that reached the end of its expected lifespan. The next was a robotic mower, which was neat until the cost of replacing a part was grounds to sell it as scrap. The third was the Homelite mower.

    At first, it was fine, being as good as other cordless electrics, suitable for 3000 square feet of lawn or so. After a year, its charger broke. The manufacturer got a new one to me pretty quickly, but that still never should have happened. 13 months after, which is a month after the 2-year warranty expired, the handle broke.

    That is pathetic: the little handle you hold to keep the motor running snapped off, because it is plastic and swings out at 90 degrees, whereas the Ryobi (and most gas mowers) has a long metal bar that gets squeezed vertically rather than a small handle. Who knew this would be the downfall?

    It’s out of warranty (not that an extended one had ever been offered), so all Home Depot can do is ship it off for me, and then there will be a charge from the manufacturer. I imagine the charge will be over $100, and the mower cost $300, plus I have to rent or buy something else for the several weeks that this mower will be unavailable to use.

    And it still is not as good as the Ryobi that I bought 12 years earlier.

    Ryobi stopped making mowers for a while, but now they are back. I am going back to Ryobi.

  23. A. COLLEY

    Battery does not last a season
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    I bought the Earthwise 60120 on 25 Sept 2009. I have a corner lot which is about 10000 sq ft (< 1/4 acre); when I first purchased the mower it could just barely handle doing the entire yard. It was prone to bogging down where the grass was a little thicker, but I just raised it all the way (which is the one GREAT feature about this mower, the one lever to adjust all wheel heights) and mowed, lowered it back down to cutting height and went back over.

    We mowed probably 10-15 times last season before the grass went dormant. We charged the battery regularly over the winter as recommended; but since we started mowing again this season, the battery life has steadily dwindled until now we only get about 20 minutes of mowing before the mower is too weak to cut grass. So, we have to mow 20 minutes, go take a 1 or 2 hour break, mow another 20 minutes, go take another 1 or 2 hour break, and then finish the yard. Preposterous!

    I just called the Earthwise 800 number and discovered that the battery only has a 90 day warranty! Obviously, they know the battery is a piece of junk that will probably not last a season. Since the battery costs (today) $107 on Amazon to replace, a season’s worth of gasoline (even at $3/gallon) would be a lot cheaper than replacing the battery every year.

    I was really hoping this would work out and I could leave gas mowers behind forever.

  24. Miami Unhappy Customer

    Poor quality – Don’t Buy
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    I bought this mower thinking I would be going green. Unfortunately,I had problems with the lawnmower’s wheel alignment since I first purchased the unit. The Earthwise Company has customer service outsourced to another company that does not care about any customer related problems. Now its in a repair shop and they are blaming the shipper. So now I have to pay for the factory defect. Why can’t they accept responsibility for their units.

    Stick to Home Depot and their gas units – not worth the aggravation or cost. Poor quality and poor customer service from Earthwise. I would not buy any products from them again.

  25. J. Rinehart

    What I Needed in a lawnmower
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    After quite a bit of research, I decided to give the Earthwise a shot. Great choice; although it’s still fairly new, it seems to perform exceedingly well. So far I have mowed over 1000 sq. feet of 6-8″ tall grass, and I still have 2 put of three light left (2/3 power). It didn’t even begin to bog down in the tall/wet grass. It is heavy since it has a battery, but now I don’t have to mess with the cord, yea! Besides I think it makes it feel more substantial. The cut quality is excellent and the motor is strong. It’s a steel body, so it’s quite sturdy.

    The only two complaints I have are (1) when I went to put it together, I noticed one of the wheels on the axle was out of alignment due to the axle being bent. I’m quite handy so I disassembled the axle assembly, bent it to the proper position and reassembled it, it was good to go. That was totally a quality control issue that they have been informed of, and will be noted. (2) The squishy handle material is very comfortable on the hands, but very prone to cutting and ripping, the engineers may want to rethink this material selection.

    Other than that I am quite satisfied with my purchase, and (outside of a couple of items) is an excellent quality product. I would have liked to give it 5 stars.

  26. Nobody Special

    2000sqft of lawn. Great mower.
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    Steel, not plastic. Well made.

    High speed blade cuts grass so fine that it takes up less volume in the trash.

    Easy to push through 4 inches of fescue.

    Runs for 1/2 hour without noticeable power loss (all green lights on battery indicator).

    Wheels have real bearings in them. Not plastic bushings. Wheels could be a bit larger, but not horrible.

    Tip: Plug the charger into a Christmas light timer and leave the mower plugged into the charger. It will stay charged and you won’t over charge (the charger is not a peak charger and cannot be left on power without damaging the battery).

    For small lawns I will never buy another gas mower.

  27. JK

    Not Bad..Not Bad At All
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    This mower has turned out to be a very pleasant surprise. I’ve tried this three times now and am impressed with how well it actually works. I’d actually rate this 4.5 stars right now. Minor downsides:

    >It’s a little heavy, but since my old gas mower wasn’t self propelled, it doesn’t feel that much different.

    >Some folks have commented on the poor quality of the rubber (or whatever material that is) where you grip the handle- I’d agree that it’s of poor quality and won’t last very long. One good scrape along a chain-link fence proved that to me already. It will have to be replaced at some point, but I don’t see that as a major problem.

    Major upsides include a fairly powerful “engine” (do we still call them that on these things?), very decent battery run time, and being to finally rid myself of my noisy, smelly, maintenance intensive, very loud and generally annoying gasoline mower. Good riddance.

    I mow an area appx 5000 square feet, and the battery still had about 1/2 charge left. Keep in mind that thickness of what you’re cutting could significantly affect how long the battery will last. The battery life indicator is a real plus. Recharging easy as well, plus you can recharge with the battery in or out of the unit- it comes with a handy-dandy adapter for external battery charging.

    All in all, I’m very happy with this purchase.

  28. B. Carroll

    Very nice mower! (but not really green…)
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    Let me first say that I really like this mower and I’m glad I purchased it. It starts up without any pullcord, there are no noxious fumes coming out, there’s no messing about with gas, oil, or gas/oil mixtures, and–above all–it does a great job on my lawn.

    Instead of a pull cord, you simply insert the safety “key”, move a lever, and lift the handle bar, and it starts up instantly. No more tug of war with a pull cord! It is not completely quiet, but I think it’s quieter than my old gas mower. I can hear myself think or my iPod over it. Also, there’s no fumes. My last mower would periodically exhale a blue cloud of who-knows-what. That’s gone with this mower.

    So far, I’ve had no problems with the battery. I followed the instructions on how to get the longest life out of it, so hopefully I’ll get plenty of years use from the battery. I have 1 acre, and easily did each of my yards (1/2 acre each) on a charge. There’s a nice battery meter on the back so you can see how much juice is left. This is my first winter with it, and they recommend keeping it in a warm place and charging every 30 days. I hope I remember, and that this spring everything is good to go.

    As for performance, it’s just what you would expect from a new mower. Nice blades, clean cuts, can handle the tall weeds and heavy stuff, has height adjustments, and both the mulcher and bag do a really good job. As long as you mow on a regular basis, you should have no problem mulching, as the bits were nice and small (my old mower would leave chunks of grass in it’s wake, but with this mower you can barely see the chopped pieces).

    Now, on to the “green” aspects. I’m pretty crunchy, and like to keep things as eco-friendly as possible. That being said, you have to remember that for most people in the USA, a plug in mower is being powered by coal burning. This isn’t a hybrid car in which you’re using your momentum to generate electricity, this is just another plug in appliance, like a dishwasher or TV. It feels nice to not be using gas, and when you mow you’re not giving off fumes and emissions, but that’s because they were already given off when the coal was burned to power your grid. Some people have nuclear power (a whole other debate), and maybe you have a windmill or solar power. If so, then this is a green mower. You can also argue that this is better than gas because it reduces dependencies on foreign oil, which is a nice plus. But don’t think that this mower is helping the environment at all. Coal is dirty, even if they try and sell it as clean coal. But like I said, I knew all that and chose this mower because an electric mower gives a more pleasant mowing experience than a gas mower. I’m very happy that I chose this mower.

    So, if you want a green mower, you’ll have to buy a reel/push mower. If you have about a half acre or more, then you will also get a nice workout. But make sure that you mow regularly, or you will find yourself fighting jams all day. Or google bicycle lawn mower and get welding!

    While not a really “green” alternative, this mower is great, and i much prefer using it to any gas mower I’ve used. Lets just hope that the battery and mower last. And lets hope that we keep making progress in solar, wind, algae, and other alternative energy sources, so that this mower can truly become an eco-mower!

  29. J. Long

    Great Mower
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    After reading some of the reviews I was unsure whether battery and charging issues were going to be a problem for me with this mower. But after a month of use (4 cuts of very long, wet grass), my impression is that this is an excellent mower in all respects. It is

    1.) Simple and easy to assemble (though the package was extremely heavy).

    2.) Easy to charge. You just have to remember to disconnect the charger after 18-24 hours.

    3.) Really easy to start.

    4.) Excellent at mulching. The grass just seems to disappear, even long, wet grass.

    5.) Capable of cutting the large back yard of my 1/4 acre lot on a single charge

    6.) Quiet, clean, and no gasoline or oil!!

    I think this is a great mower and would recommend it to anyone.

    It could be improved by changing the charger to a smart charger that can be continously connected to the mower whenever not in use.

  30. T. K. Harper

    Substandard quality
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    When I received this product; I assembled it which was very easy right out of the box. However; the right front wheel almost fell off as soon as I tried to push it. When the height setting was set on low, the wheels rubbed the body of the mower. I returned it to Amazon for a refund and did not purchase another one.

    Amazon was very cordial and promt in the return of the product. Amazon could not have been better.

  31. R. Saini

    It ain’t easy pushing a green mower, but it’s worth it…
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    I was debating what type of mower to buy (electric vs. gas) and ended up going with electric. I did not want to deal with having to keep a gas container at the house as well as wanting to help out the environment. While looking at electric mowers, I came across this model and bought it on the spot before reading any reviews (which I almost always do before buying something). The thought of a *cordless* electric mower intrigued me enough to give it a whirl, plus it was the last one on the store shelf!

    I took the mower home and after a quick 2 minute setup I left it plugged in over night to give it a charge. The first thing you will notice is that this mower is heavy! The comparable (corded) electric model by Earthwise is almost half as heavy, but that’s the price you pay for going cordless.

    The next day I gave it a go and was pleasantly surprised.


    1) 3-in-1 mower (bag, mulch, side shoot) – I prefer mulching myself to give the grass a healther look

    2) Cordless mower with power – If you’ve ever used a corded mower you know the feeling of nicking your cord or hitting it completely and killing the cord…not fun!

    3) Adjustable height so that you can mow to whatever length you prefer

    4) Safety lever – you once you put the key/chuck into the ignition, you need to hold the lever to put the mower on, so if you let go it won’t stay on

    5) Removable battery – for the winter months I’ve got my mower in the shed, but the battery comes out and I can plug it in the garage every month to give it a charge (see final con below)

    6) Battery has indicators telling you how much charge you have left


    1) HEAVY! Although if this is a concern you should probably not be looking at a cordless model as I’m sure they all have extra weight

    2) When I’m done mowing in mulch mode, there is a bit of grass build-up near the back where the bag shoot is. This is probably common in a lot of mulch mowers, but still needs to be pointed out

    3) Battery Charging – the manual states that you should give the battery a full charge once a month, and never let it die completely. I’m not sure if not doing this will shorten the battery life, but don’t want to find out either!


    This mower does a terrific job in mowing your lawn. I can get at least 3 uses for my lawn before plugging it back into the charger. It works great, and looks good too.

  32. Brian D. Pollock

    Great lawn mower
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    So I have now been using this lawn mower for about 2-3 months. I use it as mulching mower. My lawn front and back is right at 5000 sq feet, mostly flat, but with a few small hills. Ok, with that set up out of the way, here’s what I think of the mower:

    Holding charge so far seems to be no problem. I charge it up 1x per week during mowing season, and I have never gotten below 2 green bars (3 green bars is full charge, then goes to 2 green, 1 green, yellow, red). I haven’t let my grass get really high– the highest (when my old mower broke and I was waiting to get this one) was about 4-5″ and the mower dealt with the grass (dry of course) without problems. As for the mulching (I can’t speak to side discharge or bag), it works quite well, and even handled all my leaves this fall as they fell on to my lawn. I also like the removable battery for ease of replacement and making it easier to transport the mower. Though I hope in the future there is an option to buy Li battery– which should be lighter.

    So, what don’t I like? well it’s not quite as quiet as I had imagined it would be, but still quieter than my old gas mower. Also, it’s heavy, but of course I knew that from the reviews before I bought this. My back yard is 2 steps down from my driveway, so I built a small ramp to get mower into and out of backyard. I can get it up and down my ramp without too much effort, but I usually just take the battery out to go up the ramp if I think ahead (then I can just start with my front lawn), and then going downhill on the ramp, even with the battery is not bad. But like I said I can use the ramp with or without the battery (I am still in my 20s though, so this might be different several decades from now).

    Overall I have been very please with mower so far, and would recommend to friends, family, etc and I would buy again if I had to do it all over.

  33. John

    this thing powers through tall grass, but is very hard to push
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    This lawnmower works great for my small yard, I averaged 3 cuts per charge this summer. My yard is only .10 acre, but I would go over it once to cut, and second time to clear the grass clippings. I don’t use the bag attachment since it fills up way to quick and I had to keep stopping to change it. I found it easier to cut once, and mulch the second time. I did let the grass get a tad too high, and this still cut through it, I even mowed over some plants I no longer wanted.

    One very big con is that it’s heavy! It is fine to push down hill, or flat, but when it comes to pushing up hill, it is a challenge and a workout!

  34. L. Allen

    Works great but back tires aren’t great
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    Great mower. It is a little on the heavy side but that is b/c of the battery. The back wheels ended up bending but customer service is great. Shipped new wheels out free of charge. Great company.

  35. Jian Lung Tai

    Earthwise 60120 rocks
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    I’ve received the product for a month. Done four mowing with one charge only, still have some left. Though I have a small lawn. The grass was cut nicely and neat (the motor is very powerful and blade is sharp) without any gas fume. With 500 charges in a battery life, I don’t have to worry the replacement in first two years.

    One drawback I discovered is that somehow after mowing the little cut grass spill out of the bag. Other than that I’m very happy with this mower.

  36. S. Primm

    Think Twice
    Rating:3 out of 5 stars
    Although I really do like this mower. Think twice before buying it. I need to purchase a second battery just to finish my yard. I can usually get my whole front yard done, but the battery dies before I can get to the back yard. Also, this model does not have a self-propel feature, meaning: it is harder to push and hard to manuever when turning corners. It is kind of heavy for me. Also, you can’t just hose it off, I have to carefully wipe it down, after a mow, due to the electric battery. The soft rubber handle grip is degrading already. It becomes bogged down in some taller grass, or grass that is wet from morning dew (loses it’s charge).

    If I had to do it over again. I would purchase a riding mower, a non electric mower, or hire my yard done.

    Overall, I like the mower. It just could have been designed better. Also, my fault for not making sure it had all the features I needed.

    Pros: Nice looks. Good for environment? Mulches nice. Easy to store.

    Cons: Need extra battery to finish lawn. No self-propel. Hard to manuever/heavy. Cleaning (can’t just hose it off). Rubber handle is degrading. Bogged down in taller or wet grass (loses it’s charge).

    I would think twice before purchasing this mower.

  37. Thomas A. Eich

    Extremely pleased
    Rating:4 out of 5 stars
    I Love this mower. It works as well or better than any gas powered mower I’ve used, and costs less than some 20” gas mowers. The design and construction are excellent quality.

    I had some concern about how big an area I can mow on a single charge; all I can say is that the above average size (40ft x 100ft) mobile home lot that I mow doesn’t even use up the first green charge indicator (3 green lites, 1 amber, 1 red).

    My only complaint is that it should come with a ‘smart’ charger, one that you can plug in and forget about, that won’t overcharge the battery, and that maintains the battery at it’s peak charge capacity. The ‘dumb’ charger that comes with it will overcharge the battery if left on too long, and through the winter you must remember to charge the battery once a month. Hopefully Earthwise will show some sense and include a smart charger on future models. I wanted to give this five stars, but not including a smart charger was just plain dumb…

    In spite of this, I like using an electric mower more than a gas-powered, and I am impressed with the quality and performance of this mower.

  38. tom ho

    great mower
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    i received this mower for father’s day and have (hopefully) just finished the mowing season for the year. this performed perfectly, was clean and easy to use, and holds its charge very well. the engineering is excellent, the mower feels very sturdy and heavy duty but is easy to maneuver. we have a very small yard and it takes me less than 20 minutes to mow it, and i only need to recharge every third week. it’s very versatile and fun to use. i would definitely buy this again.

  39. A. Davidson

    But what about the battery?
    Rating:1 out of 5 stars
    After three uses, my battery wouldn’t hold a charge. Luckily for me, the repair place was only 15 minutes away. (Telephone calls to Earthwise, or whoever, were a waste.) The repair place kept it about three weeks. They claimed they got a new battery. I take it home and charge the new battery overnight. The charger light is green supposedly indicating that it is fully charged. I put it in the mower and the light there is red — the battery has little power.

    Maybe I got a bad battery. But even if you don’t get a bad battery, pay attention to the other reviews about battery maintenance. You can’t leave it plugged in, you must keep it charged, and it doesn’t hold a charge very long.

    When the mower worked, it was great. But I will never be able to trust this battery. I bought a push mower which I should have done in the beginning.

  40. Ryan E. Powlen

    Great Little Mower
    Rating:5 out of 5 stars
    I have been using this mower all summer. It’s been great not having to get gas, or check oil, or check the air filter,,,, ect… I have a yard that I knew was really too big for a cordless electric, but I purchased this mower anyway and got a 2nd battery. I love this mower it’s quiet, easy to manuver, and really does a good job. I does get bogged down in thick or wet grass, but it does great most of the time. The battery lasts longer than I thought it would too. When the grass is within a normal height to be cut, I can mow the entire yard on one battery. Most of the time, I wait a little too long and have to use the 2nd battery to mow the final 15 minutes of yard though. Works great would recommend to anyone who takes less than 45 minutes to mow their yard. Anything over that I would recommend getting a 2nd battery. WE NEED TO GET TO A FOSSIL FUEL FREE SOCIETY!!!!!


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